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Java Soundsfair 2014 is excited to announce that we are open an opportunity for you to become volunteer at the event.

  • When can I Apply?
    Soundsfair’s Volunteer registration will be opened between the 4th of August until 10th of September 2014 through this official website
  • Beside through website, is there any way to apply volunteer?
    No, we only accept volunteers who apply through official website www.javasoundsfair.com except Social Network Media (SNM) Volunteers; we will open this opportunity three months prior to the event through our twitter account @javasoundsfair
  • What do I need to do to apply volunteer for Soundsfair 2014?
    You can fill the application HERE
  • How do I know that my application is accepted?
    For the registrants who are match our qualifications, will be informed through email at least a month before the D-day. If you don’t get any notification e-mail then most likely you have not been accepted based on several reasons such as:
    • Quota has been reached
    • Based on experience you are not qualified for the position you have registered for
  • What kinds of duties do volunteers have to perform?
    Volunteers will be placed to perform tasks as necessary depending on the department that they have been accepted in. There are some departments that could be chosen by applicants such as: Promotion, Marketing, Talent Treatment, ID, merchandise, etc. For promotion team volunteers they might be needed to help with the media gate, talent, MC, media (media center, media pit) etc. As for marketing department, will be assisting the marketing team in sponsors’ related matters. The talent treatment team will need volunteers who have experience in handling artist or related to entertainment treatment. Any task in which a volunteer is not physically able to perform, then this should be noted by the volunteer to the committee. All tasks will be supervised.
  • How many days a volunteer commit?
    Depending on the department; you will get the brief during the interview session.
  • How much time must a volunteer commit?
    Depending on the department; you will get instruction at interview session.
  • How old do I need to be in order to volunteer?
    You have to be between the age of 18 and 22 years old
  • What do volunteers receive?
    In return for working for the festival, volunteers will be credited with festival T-Shirt, committee ID, and tickets given by management committee. The number of the ticket depends on the department and tasks.